Getting Crafty with KiwiCo


Do you ever read a description of a product or service and still wonder what the heck it is? I hate that! Sometimes I feel companies get too much into trending or key words and forget to give just a straight forward description of what they provide. Ugh!

I wanted to share my experience with KiwiCo and went to their “About Us” to get their official description and I feel like it was all fluff and didn’t actually give much “about” the service….which, by the way, is AWESOME. In my own words, I’d say it is a subscription based craft box service that delivers age appropriate projects to your door. (Okay, end of rant now)

I first heard about KiwiCo from my friend/neighbor, but never really went any further than talking about it. Then I got an email that offered a free trial. With it being summer still, I really need things to entertain my 3-1/2 year old son and this seemed just the ticket, so I signed up (while during Wesley at 10pm one night, haha).

You select the age of your child when you sign-up for your crate, so what you get will fit your kid. We landed with the Koala crate which focus on play & learn. Perfect! Then, when our crate arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see three crafts for us. When my son came out of quiet time, I delivered the news: he got a box in the mail. He LOVES getting boxes and letters in the mail (although I think he knows that boxes are better, hehe). He’s even happy with the box is as simple as a new cup. Easy to please, love it.

Of course, as soon as the box was open, we had to start a craft immediately. The box theme was Rainbows. Ahh, cute! I should have checked out the instructions and all that was inside before letting him know about the box’s arrival because I was scrambling a bit to get a closer look at what we had to do. (You know, just living and learning).

Once I had the box back in my hands, and a moment to see everything, I realized they provide all the materials and some great instructions.


1. Parent Guide:

A handout with step-by-step instructions for each craft. They were clear, short and made it very easy to get started quickly.

2. Imagine! Magazine:

A cute booklet with some more projects and stories - all with the rainbow theme. The story was cute and explained how rainbows are made.

3. Materials:

All the materials to make the three crafts were inside expect for the scissors, tape, and pan (which really weren’t entirely necessary, but helpful and most everyone would have at home already).


Craft #1: Rainbow Pillow

We opted to do the pillow first. This was probably the best craft and my son immediately put it on his bed. They gave us some felt half circles, fluff for the pillow, and the felt pillow in the shape of a cloud. We peeled the backing off the felt pieces and made the rainbow then stuffed the pillow. And ta-da!

Here’s a video of us doing the project together. (Please give me grace with the video - it’s hard to video something while corralling a toddler, holding an infant, reading instructions, and trying to help do the activity).

>> Rainbow Pillow Video <<

Craft #2: Rainbow Bag

The rainbow bag involved getting the bag wet, placing square color pieces on it, then using the dropper to get the squares wet. It dried overnight and then we placed felt clouds on the bag the next day.

>> Rainbow Bag Video <<

Craft #3: Stained Glass

The stained glass was made with a black paper frame with sticky center. Then we used black paper shapes to place on the sticky area - we did a random, or I should say abstract, placement. Next, we took the square color pieces (the same from the bag) and placed them all over. To finish, I put another sticky sheet on and then it was ready to hang on the window. It’s now on the window in our den…in pride.

>> Rainbow Stained Glass Video <<


There are a few options on subscribing and you can pause and cancel anytime. You can get it monthly, every 3-months, 6-months, or 12-months. The shipping is free (or just included in the price, if you like to see it that way). I haven’t made a commitment yet, but I’m very seriously considering it.

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Kids Happy, Mom happy

I love anything that gets my kid’s imagination flowing and keeps his hands busy! Have you tried this service? Do you love it? Or maybe you subscribe to something else? Share it all…