Top 10: Topics that didn’t make it to a Blog Post

I really wanted to post something with more oomph today, but that obviously didn’t happen. Nap/quiet time all week was filled up with household tasks like making dinner, laundry, dishes, cleaning, tidying, or me trying to stuff lunch in my face. I am currently brainstorming my next post which will be about where to eat on date night in Tacoma. Does that sound interesting?

So I came up with Friday Five. Then I realized I had more to say and went with Top 10. Which also made me think of David Letterman and his Top 10 lists. My parents used to watch him in the evenings after my sister and I went to bed (ha, I get it now)…But back to the Top 10. I am gonna say this is the top 10 things that I have on my mind and also wanted to share but didn’t have enough time or interesting enough to make up an entire post. So without further ado, here’s the…

Top 10 Topics that didn’t make it to a Blog Post

1) Baby:

My focus the past few weeks has been how to feed my baby solids. He’s thrown me for a whirl by not being super interested purees. I did purees with Caleb, but Wesley is all about what’s on OUR PLATES. “Give me the real food, mom!” So my quest has been to figure out baby-led feeding and not freak out about choking. I bought the Feeling Littles Baby course and watched half of it so far. I also picked up Baby-Led Feeding from the library. Both resources have been great so far.

2) Camp:

It’s hard to believe we’re in mid-August already. This summer has been kind of wonky weather-wise. I feel like we haven’t had our normal sunny everyday all day weather this year. Not that I’m complaining. If it goes above 85F I whine about it being too hot, so at least there’s that going for us. Anyway, back on topic…we only did one camp this summer and it was through the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. Caleb did the toddler Adventure camp. He had a great time and went running into the classroom everyday. It went from Monday to Thursday from 9 - 10:30am. Totally not long enough, but next year we can do the longer days. Each day had a theme: camping, space and rockets, on a construction site, and digging for dinos. I wish we had camp every week of the summer. It’s hard keeping these kids entertained. What are you doing to keep the kiddos active?

3) Dinner:

I feel like I’ve scored on dinners the past few weeks. A few favorites have been Spicy Peanut Soba Noodle Salad, Pork Soulvaki and Lemon Rice, 5-Ingredient Spicy Pork, Spicy Ginger Cashew Chicken, and Lemon Parsley Salmon with Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad. Honestly, now that I typed that all out I see a common thread: spicy. BUT, here’s the deal: I don’t really like spicy. I usually only do a tiny bit of whatever spicy ingredient is in there. Josh will add spicy since he likes it, but he just added it to his bowl/plate. Speaking of meal planning, I use a tool called Paprika to meal planning and love it. Have you made anything delicious lately?

4) Memberships:

Our Point Defiance Zoo membership is coming up for renewal and we’ll be renewing. There are just a couple memberships we spring for and that’s the Children’s Museum of Tacoma and the Point Defiance Zoo. Although this year we have to go up a step in our membership since Caleb is three. Whomp whomp.

5) Rico:

Rico is the name of my sourdough starter. Rico is suave. I started the sourdough thing at the start of the summer and so far Rico is still alive. Yay! We’re trying to do things that are less gluten-y and better for your gut like sourdough and kombucha. But honestly it started because we just like these things. The sourdough starter has been a fun project and learning experience for me. The best thing about it: sourdough waffles.

6) Peaches:

My in-laws visited us the other week and we had a blast. They drove up from Utah and stopped in Yakima and Walla Walla. They brought us 10-pounds of onions, a crate of peaches, tomatoes, apricots, tomatoes, squash, and cherries. The peaches, though. So good. So many. I made peach jam, peach syrup, peach crisp, peach pie, peach oat bars (just subbed out the fruit), peach chicken, peaches on the grill, fresh peaches, I froze some peaches, and gave some away. Whew! I was disappointed in my peach pie crust. Do you have a favorite pie crust recipe? Ugh! And I still have peach recipes I want to make this summer. Will we turn into peaches?

7) Highlights:

And not for your hair. I mean the kids activity book, Highlights. We got a “free” one in the mail and it’s all about Hidden Puzzles. But guys, it’s HARD. I can hardly find the things. And I’m not going to lie: I snuck a few peaks at the answer page.

8) Bees & Honey:

We consume a lot of honey in this house. Caleb grew to love honey after getting a cough and I’d give him a spoon of honey. He’s now learned that bees make honey, but he has a love/hate relationship with bees. Loves the honey, hates that he could get stung (and he has been stung!). But we did enough learning more about bees with Honey’s Healthy Hives at The Pod Works monthly playdate this week.

9) Chutes and Ladders:

We finally made it to the slides at Point Ruston/Point Defiance last weekend - they were just opened as part of a new extension between Point Ruston and Point Defiance. They were totally a blast and my son LOVED them. Just be careful on hot days as the slides get hot!

10) Halloween:

Gosh, did you know Costco got their Halloween costumes in stores already? Holy moly! If I buy it now, what are the chances Caleb will change his mind by October 31st? Yesterday he said he wanted to be Santa. Today he wanted to be an octopus.