Fashion Tips from an Everyday Mom

Fashion Tips from an Everyday Mom

I did a little poll not too long ago to see what you, my lovely blog followers, would be interested in reading. One of my mom friends mentioned she wanted to hear how I maintain my makeup and keep up my style with a young child. My immediate reaction to myself was, "Me, really...for fashion advice?" I never really thought of myself as stylish and definitely not whom someone would think of to ask for fashion advice. (thank you, friend, you give me confidence!)

When I think of myself and fashion, all I can think of was how I was the girl in high school wearing vests and oversized sweatshirts. Although, as an adult looking back now, who actually was totally confident and cool as a teenager? And weren't we all wearing scrunchies?

Perhaps in college, I was slightly improved. Heck, I snagged my husband while there somehow. But, I don't think I really caught on to what fits and looks good on me until some years after college.

One of my best fashion experiences came when I moved to Seattle and got a new job in online marketing. I was in desperate need of clothes to fit the job. I decided to try the Nordstrom Personal Stylist. To say it was life-changing is maybe giving it too much credit, but it was a eye-opener. The stylist really helped me understand what would look good on me and to put some outfits together.

I'm still not going to say I'm uber stylish, but at least I look decent. I feel kind of awkward writing this post, like an imposer, as if I'm some sort of expert on the manner. I am DEFINITELY NOT an expert or really even that stylish. But, ask and you shall receive, my friends. So, I'll stop jabbering on about myself and share some things that I do to keep Stacy and Clinton away (please tell me you know them...hint: What Not to Wear).

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