LOL: Lots of Links - Volume 5


Here I am! I’m alive! Just coming up for air after eleven weeks of having two kids. It’s been wonderful and tiring at the same time. Last week I feel like I finally got a groove. I figured out a rhyme with Wesley and feel pretty good about it (notice I say rhyme not schedule. I’m working on a schedule, but not quite there yet. I think it just take some time…making progress, though!). I’m sure now that I feel like I’ve got something figured out, it’ll change again tomorrow because that’s what life is with kids. They are always changing and challenging you especially the first year.

The best I can do for a post right now is to share some links. Next time I think I’ll share some Instant Pot recipes. Does that sound fun?

Okay, are you ready for links? Let’s do it.

Do you use GoodReads? I like that it' tracks the books I’ve read. It makes me feel accomplished. What doesn’t make me feel accomplished, though, is how slowly I’m reading my current book, My Dear Hamilton. I started it November 18, 2018 and I’m not done yet. I’m close at 89% complete. I’ve learned a lot about Alexander Hamilton and his wife. Although, it hasn’t painted a great picture of Hamilton’s character. We’ll see how it ends.

In case you missed it, on Instagram I made these super duper easy blender banana muffins last week for a toddler and mama snack. We both liked them. Caleb didn’t eat them at first, but now he’s had a few of them and seems to enjoy them. Win!

Also on Instagram I shared how I like to make a photo book at the end of the year of all my Instagram pictures. Don’t leave them trapped on your phone. I use Artifact Uprising and right now they have free shipping.

I watched most of this video about incorrect beliefs about food. For instance, where the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day came from. Or the low fat diet craze.

We had the snow-mageddon here and I was desperate for indoor activities. I thought about doing something from this cute site, Happy Toddler playtime, but then didn’t do it because the amount of money & time to make up the activity would far exceed the amount of time & enjoyment from my toddler. However, if you’re toddler would do it, you should check it out.

We transitioned Caleb out of the swaddle around four months. While Wesley is still only 11 weeks, I am preparing myself with articles like this one. Taking Cara Babies is turning out to be a great resource and I especially enjoy her tips on Instagram.

Josh, my hubby, is trying to eat better and exercise more. He’s doing great! He’s basically doing the Paleo diet, and since I’m the dinner maker I am making all sorts of paleo meals. Check out my Pinterest board. Some good meals so far!

Speaking of meals, this Trader Joe’s dinner hack is delicious and uber fast. The sweet potato gnocchi is so good (although not completely paleo, go with the cauliflower gnocchi with is also deletable instead).

I’m not going to lie, the television has been a help with the first weeks of having both boys on my own during the week. This is an interesting take, Why Kids Don’t Need a Digital Detox.

So I totally did this for Caleb and currently do it for Wesley. It’s not perfect or a slam dunk, but when they get sleepy, just brush your finger gently down from their forehead, between the eyes, and down the nose. It really helps!

Last week I started having Wesley nap in his bassinet in the nursery. Prior he was napping mostly in the car seat or in the carrier (like the Ergo or Baby K’tan). I wanted to get him comfortable with the nursery to prepare for the upcoming transition to the crib in the nursery (aiming for three months). If he wasn’t in the care seat or carrier, he was downstairs. And on top of that, I realized I wasn’t swaddling him and it was just too noisy and light causing short naps. D’oh. So I read this article and started napping in the nursery for a few of them each day (there are many naps still). It’s going surprisingly well and he’s really taken to it. Mom win!

I feel like this screams as a kid dinner option. The question being, would Caleb actually eat it?

Caleb does some of these chores, but I don’t call them chores but “helping mommy.” It’s a fun list of chores by age.

I discovered this Bon Appetit channel and downloaded it only our Apple TV. We don’t get cable and this is totally filling the void for Food Network that I’ve felt for far too long. I’m totally loving it and the short segments are perfect for my life.

I bought some nursing tank tops on Amazon and they gave me a rash. I should buy some that Lucy recommends on Lucie’s List. I love this site!

Today I ran into this service which could (A) be an easy money maker, and/or (B) be useful on a trip with kids.

Wesley just woke up…gotta go. Enjoy the links, my friends. I miss you and will write more soon. XO