LOL: Lots of Links - Volume 4

Well friends, I’m officially in my third trimester. I’m not entirely sure how that happened. The last I checked we were still in August. But apparently it’s almost October now. My mind is now all things baby - and more like, “ahhhhhh, so much to get done before the baby arrives.” I’m sure it’ll all work out, but I’m determined not be packing a hospital bag and putting in the car seat at the first signs of labor. Eh hem, not like that’s happened before or anything. Noooo way.

Since baby is where my mind is at these days, I’m dedicating this LOL volume to just that: baby.

Hospital Bag: I feel like since this is my second time around, I should know more about what to pack. Frankly, half of what I brought last time wasn’t needed. I distinctly remember telling myself to bring dry shampoo when I had Caleb, so I’ll be sure to do that this time. I’ll probably start with this list , which happens to also have dry shampoo. Then there is this list from a blogger I follow. What did you pack in your hospital bag you found useful?

All the Feels: I am super excited for this little boy to join the world, but part of me is slightly sad to be losing the exclusive relationship I have with my only child right now. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m changing his little world and our one-on-oneness. But I know these are normal feelings and that it’s actually a gift I’m giving him - a friend and a brother. This article really spoke to me with all these feelings.

Raising Brothers: Speaking giving Caleb a brother, now I need to know how to raise them to love each other. Maybe reading this article will help. This photo is just so sweet. I do hope they are good friends (sure, they’ll fight and have moments, heck they’re brothers…but I hope they love each other). Any suggestions, parent friends, who have more than one kiddo?

Diaper Bag Organization: Did you like my post about my diaper backpack? This mom blog has some ideas as well.

Baby #2 Products: I feel like so many new things have come to the market since I had Caleb. Clever and useful things. For one, there is the Dock-a-tot. I bought one during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I also want to get another carrier for when baby two is still a newborn. I have my eye on the WildBird slings or the Baby K’tan. Oh, and all the new swaddle things. Ahh! This was a nice list, maybe I’ll start here.
Give me a Drink: Here’s a bummer: you can’t have a drink when you’re pregnant. Sadly, you’re not off the hook necessarily when you breastfeed either. There are so many different schools of thought and opinions—some say don’t drink at all, some say drink as you breastfeed, some say pump and dump. What is the right thing to do? This article was interesting. How reliable is it? I dunno. But food for thought.

Dear Hubby: This totally rang true for me.

Toddler Bed Transition: We are trying to get some transitions out of the way for Caleb before baby comes since the baby’s arrival will be such a big transition. We have a lot of shuffling to do in the house to make this happen, so hopefully we can do it with enough time. I saw these tips for the toddler bed transition (funny enough, it’s from Naturepedic).

Refresher: When I was pregnant with Caleb, I went through a six-week course on preparing for a baby. I’m not doing anything this time, but now I’m slightly (okay, maybe a lot) freaking out. I think I forgot everything about giving birth and newborns. I found this video series, so I’m starting to watch them. So far, so good. Ahhhhh!

Comfy Clothes: When I get anxious, I start all these lists in my head and also start thinking about random, stupid details. Right now my brain is all about what am I going to wear for my newborn photos and also around the house. I need comfies. I’m eyeing these joggers right now. Also, this pajama set from Motherhood Maternity. What do you have that’s uber comfy?

Meal Prep: I hope to get some meals prepared and frozen before the little guy arrives. I did this last time and it was really helpful. Pinch of Yum, a favorite blog of mine, has some good ideas!

Letter Boards: I love my little letter board. Here’s some that will bring giggles.

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