Stitch Fix Maternity Box Cuteness

Fashion, turn to the left
Fashion, turn to the right
Ooh fashion

Does a word ever trigger a song in your head? Well, I often find this happening. And I'm singing the above lyrics to myself. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then check out this David Bowie's Fashion song. The only funny thing is that I only know these three phrases of the song, so those just repeat in my head. Anyhoo....

I want to talk a little bit about fashion with you guys today. I'm by no means a fashionista, and it's for this reason I often find myself seeking help from others who I think are more fashionable. In this case, it's the folks at Stitch Fix

I've gotten Stitch Fix boxes before - probably about six or seven boxes total. My first box was all the way back in April 2014. The first few boxes I received were great, but then I started to see a decline. I think they got popular, and grew too fast, and may have lost some quality control. However, I think it might be back under control since the past two boxes have been better. And more interestingly, the best boxes I've received have been maternity. 

You probably saw my exciting news about a new member of our family that's on his way. I'm currently 19 weeks along and the bump is starting to show. I've been pulling out my maternity wear from last pregnancy, but I needed a few more summery pieces. Maternity clothes that are both cute and affordable can be tough to find, and all stores seem only to sell maternity online these days. I was happy with my previous Stitch Fix maternity box, so I thought I'd give it a whirl again.  

Good news: I was happy with this maternity box as well. Woohoo! 

How Stitch Fix Works.

Let me take a step back in case you haven't heard of Stitch Fix. It's an online personal stylist. You fill out an online profile sharing some of your style likes and dislikes. For instance, it will show you a collection of clothes and you can say how much you like that set of clothes. You can also indicate a price range and share other lifestyle preferences such as whether you need clothes for work, casual, or a special occasion. 

Once you have your style profile completed, you can select a date for your box to be delivered. A stylist reviews your profile and will send fives items for you in a box. You don't have to subscribe; you can opt to have it as a one-time box delivery. The shipping is free and they give you a pre-paid package to send whatever you don't want back to them. 

You can try all the items - clothes, shoes, jewelry - on at home and send back what you do not want to keep. That said, if you keep the box you get a 25% discount. If you keep anything, they give back the $25 style fee to you. So the risk of losing money is pretty low - I bet you can find one thing you like in the box! 

The anticipation for your box to arrive in the mail is always fun. Better yet, you don't have to go shopping, which can be tough if you have kids. I used to love shopping, but now I find it hard to get out and if Caleb joins it's always a bit of a headache.  

I've done enough "talking" and let's see what I got, shall we?

What I got in my Box.

1. Full Moon Bastille Maternity Tulip Sleeve Blouse - I love this color! Also, I this is something I can class up for date night or church. And, this might be a stretch, possibly still wear it after the baby bump is gone? We'll see...

2. Full Moon Stapleton Maternity Knit Tank - I totally dig stripes. Josh makes fun of me for it. But the seller on this top for me is the back. 

3. Prosperity Tabetha Maternity Capri Skinny Jeans - I had to exchange these for a smaller size, but no problem. They fit great and I like the under the belly style (for now). 

4. Lux & Co Brendan Maternity Raglan Sleeve Knit Top - The different patterns between the main part of the shirt and sleeves add a nice twist to this top.

5. Gorjana Chloe Small Stud Earrings - I would have preferred another top (should have noted that to my stylist), but I do think I'll get good wear out of these earrings. I can't wear dangly with kids since they want to play with them - ouch! Side note: It's surprisingly very hard to take a picture of your earrings in your ears by yourself. Sorry for the "ehh" photo.

The Stylist Outfit + Note and Packaging.

This sheet comes with the package to show you the pieces, how to style it, and a personalized note from your stylist. I love the cute touches with the branding and delivery as well. 

Perhaps you're curious as to what I received in my maternity box during my last pregnancy. Well, I grabbed the photo from my personal blog to share. I'm wearing all these pieces again during this pregnancy, which is also a good sign of the quality of the pieces. 

You Should Try It.

And now I'm happily wearing all my new maternity clothes! Have you tried Stitch Fix before? If not, here's my referral link. Yes, I do get some sort of reward for referring you, but that's not at all why I wrote this post. I simply wanted to share my good experience with Stitch Fix Maternity and also to tell you one of my ways of getting clothes while raising a toddler (hint: it's not so easy). 

Please note: I was not asked or paid to write this review. This is just my own opinion and experience that I wanted to share.