Looking Ahead: March 2018

At the beginning of each month, I try and take a look through my calendar and see what to expect that month. Is there a friend or family member's birthday? A holiday? Somewhere we're expected to be (fingers crossed that this place is a vacation spot)? Really anything I need to plan for in advance. Mainly, I do this because Josh and I sit down (or at least discuss) at the start of each month to discuss that particular month's budget. By looking at a calendar, I know what items I want to bring into our budget planning discussion.  

The other reason I do this is to see if I need to do any research for a project - art, baking, cooking, etc. For example, in February for Valentine's Day, I did a little art project with Caleb to make Valentine's Day cards for the grandparents. Then I also made brownies as a special Valentine's Day treat. So I had to do some research on Valentine's Day projects that you can do with a toddler. I also needed to secure budget for art supplies. 

Being prepared and organized is tough! I am not perfect, no sir ye. I wish I were, though, and I keep trying. 

I just went through my calendar and here are some things I thought you might want to be aware of as well. 

Oscars - Sunday, 3/4

I used to get so excited about the Oscars and dream of being an adult and throwing awesome Oscar parties. But now, I'm just like "eh, maybe I'll watch them." Is it me being less enthusiastic or is it a thing that the Oscars are less popular. I don't know if we'll watch them or not. I'm not even sure how we'd watch them since we don't have cable. I'm sure there is a way, but I'm not so interested that I'm going to research very hard. However, if you're still into watching them, then check out these cute printable Bingo cards or this printable ballot

If that's not enough, then here's a themed menu and a drinking game. But before everything, get in the know on what's nominated. At least you can talk the talk. Me, I'll just be in my PJ's eating Dreyer's Slow Churner Cookies 'n Cream ice cream (me every night).

Saint Patrick's Day - Saturday, 3/17

I'm guessing you don't want to be pinched, so don't forget about St Paddy's Day. Get your green clothing and Irish jewelry purchased or located in the closet. If you have a kiddo, you might want to get a cute t-shirt, or go crazy and get a whole leprechaun outfit. I was just eyeballing this lucky clover shirt for Caleb and put a hold on Lucky Tucker at the library for pick-up. As for me, I'll be getting all my Irish jewelry out. With the maiden name O'Neill, I've acquired much of it over the years.

Also, it's a great holiday to make a fun meal and/or treat. I'm trying to find some recipes to share with you soon to help you out. Cool?

Saint Patrick's Day Goodies & Selfies of the past

Daylight Savings - Sunday, 3/11

It's spring so we're "springing ahead!" You will want to move your clocks (actually, I guess these days they all seem to do it automatically) an hour ahead. What is 5:30 am Saturday will actually be 6:30 am on Sunday. This is the daylight savings we dislike since we lose an hour. Although, having a kid it all just seems bad to me. 

When it comes to your kid's sleep, are you proactive or reactive with daylight savings? I tend to fall on the reactive side, which is somewhat out of character for me. Once I tried to have the whole adjustment scheduled out - I even made a chart - but then Caleb was sick and it all just went up in the air. So, I just react and adjust his sleep after daylight savings time.

Below is a snippet from The Sleepeasy Solution, a book I read when we did sleep training for Caleb. Also, this article is a bit helpful as well. But don't stress too much, in the end, it all seems to work out anyway. 

First Day of Spring - Tuesday, 3/20

There really isn't anything too specific to do for the first day of spring. However, it does give you hope, right? Hope for sunshine and warmer days. (Unless you live in an area that is usually sunny and warm. I'm talking to you So-Californians! Ugh, I'm envious. Yes, quiet...I know I lived there and had my chance.)

If you garden at all, it's time to start thinking about what you want to plant. We have a little garden bed on the side of our house. We planted a garden last year and hope to do another garden this year. I really think Caleb will have a blast with it. I want to buy him his own gardening tools. Everything toddler size is too cute. 

Last year we grew herbs, spinach, snap peas, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, zucchini, and onions. I think we'll do tomatoes, zucchini, and spinach again; however, I think I'll change the others up. I think I'll start off reading this article and then head off to our local gardening store!

Last Year's Garden

Good Friday & Easter - Friday, 3/30 & Sunday, 4/1

Easter is right on April 1st. No, I'm not doing an April Fools joke. Since it's the first of the month, I need to do any preparations during March. We'll need to color some eggs (this looks pretty cool), find an Easter bunny, find a place to go on an Easter egg hunt, figure out what to bake as an Easter treat, figure out Easter brunch, and last but not least, buy all the little gifts for Caleb's basket. Whew, that's a lot to do! But I'll dig into that in another post later this month. 

Easter Last Year

We also plan on doing a weekend of potty training. Yikes! Wish us luck. Anyway, I'm tired looking at all of this. Hopefully, we get over these dang coughs and get all the energy for March! 

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