I Miss my Water Bottle

Gosh, I was really hoping to share more posts with you last week. Unfortunately, all the nap time chores piled up along with some shorter naps from Caleb, I just didn't get as much done in the blog world. I do have some great posts in-the-works like some of our favorite apps for toddlers, a review of Red Elm, and all things Easter. Whew! My head is whirling with all my research and writing. Be ready for it, friends.

Right now, I wanted to share with you something I love. It's one of those everyday items that you don't realize how much you use until it's gone. You guys, it's my water bottle!

I know, it's a silly thing to talk about, but it's been on my mind since I lost mine at the YMCA last week. I think I left it on the bleachers at toddler time, or I put it on top of my car while putting Caleb into his seat and drove off. Although, I think I would have heard it falling if that was the case. I went to lost and found, but it sadly wasn't there. Bummer. 

No joke, I've missed it everyday. I've been using another water bottle (this one, to be precise), which works great but I have to refill it like five plus times a day. Then I have to fill the Brita again. It's just too much time and hassle dealing with water. Apparently, I drink a lot of water during the day. 

It was a pretty good track record with keeping this water bottle around. I bought it back in May 2015 (thanks to Amazon, I can look back on past orders and see that). I bought it when I was pregnant since I was SO THIRSTY pregnant. The water drinking thing must have stuck because I still guzzle it down. And I mean guzzle. Haha. Josh, my husband, gets annoyed since I tend to tilt my head back and take huge sips. Ahh, pet peeves and marriage. I told him to get over it; I'm not changing. 

Anyway, I can't believe I'm still going on about a water bottle. Yet, here I am. It's a Klean Kanteen water bottle and it has held up to the test of time. I've dropped it countless times, Caleb has done his toddler magic (bang, drop, throw, etc.) to it, and yet it didn't have too many dings or scratches. I don't know why I contemplated re-buying it for over a week. I think I was still holding out hope it would reappear from under a car seat or something. But no, so I just repurchased it. 

Other reasons to love this water bottle...it's light yet sturdy, it's machine washable, it keeps water tasting fresh, it fits in my purse, and it comes in cute colors. Funny thing, my sister has the same water bottle in almost the same color. We didn't realize it until we both visited home (our parent's home, not our home homes) and she grabbed mine thinking it was her water bottle. Anyway, if you're in the market for a new water bottle, this would be my recommendation. 

Oh, and Caleb likes it, too. He can drink from it a little, and he loved playing with it when he was little. He liked it so much, we got him the Kids Klean Kanteen. I would totally recommend this for kids cups. It doesn't leak and works great for traveling around. 

I'll be adding this to my Favs tab here on Raising Tacoma. I plan to add much more to the Fav tab. What I have is only just the beginning. I have such grand plans for it. If you have something you love, let me know. I love hearing about awesome things from my friends.