The Pod Works: Calling all Working Moms

I feel sheepish at how long it’s taken me to write this post. My pictures are from April, May, and June if that gives you any indication on how long it’s been. Yes, I say “I’ve been meaning to write” comment a lot, as in every post, but life is busy. Are you with me? Now, let’s get down to it and chat about The Pod Works. I’m super excited to be sharing this unique place with you.

What is it?

The Pod Works is a co-working space for moms. For instance, if you own a small business or work remotely, you could use The Pod Works as a space to do your work. You bring your laptop, mobile phone, and anything else along with you to do some work done. I have worked from home in the past, and it can be hard to be productive at home, so find a place outside the house can be very beneficial. What’s so cool about The Pod Works is that they have a great setup for working moms. You can bring your kid(s) along with you and still get some work done. There is a play space with all sorts of toys for kids and then you can find a separately space to hunker down and get some real work done.

What’s even cooler is that you can meet other working moms and even network and collaborate. Perhaps you’ll be working there one day and another mom comes along to work. You start talking and realize you could both benefit from each other’s services or product. Boom, connection made. The Pod Works has what they call The Pod Collective, which is there to support your business with workshops, outings, and a community of moms.

How Does it Work?

You join as a member and pay a monthly fee. There are various membership levels, so if you need the space for just a few hours, you can join as a “Dip” or there is the “Full” and lastly, “Unlimited” level for those that need more hours. These are just my own words, so check out the site to get more details on the membership.

Tell me about the Space?

Honestly, it’s the cutest space. It’s clean and decorated in the most adorable way. I want the wallpaper in my own house! I would say it a very feminine and bright, yet oh-so-cozy. Guys, the door is pink. Pink!

When you walk through the pink door, you enter a main room with a table, couch, and other seating. This is a great area for moms to collaborate or just work in a friendly, communal space. There is a hallway where on your left is a coffee/break room (with another room beyond that is food, storage, etc) while on your right are two more rooms for working. Straight back is the kids play space. And let me tell you, your kids will love all the toys.

Oh, and there is A/C for hot days and a heater for when it gets chilly. Most importantly, there is a great security system setup to keep you safe.

Moms hard at work in the main room

What was your Experience?

It’s embarrassing to say that it took me forever to get myself to go. I was nervous for some reason; maybe it made what I am trying to do with Raising Tacoma more real. But once I went, it was like, “what took me so long?” That’s usually how I roll.

When you become a member, you get access to The Pod Works booking system. I would go online and book a room in advance - you can do it the same day even (and you can change your mind). If nobody is there then you are given the steps to get through all the security setups (safety, my friends!). Then you get situated and get some work done!

I found that Caleb, my two-year old son, was good at keeping busy for about an hour. I did have to get up and play every little bit with him. Or help him discover a new toy. Usually I was manage to get a most of a blog post written. What’s great with the toys is they are all things we don’t have at home so everything was new and captivating. I’m not sure how long the novelty of the toys would last long-term, but it is like going to a friend’s house each time and playing with their toys. If you’re a mom, I’m sure you know what I mean.

It wasn’t loud or crazy, so I could really focus. And all the ladies I met there were just phenomenally nice. For my full honestly, The space probably works best if you have a child that is either on the younger side (under 15 months), or more of a toddler (3 years and up) and playing independently better. My two-year-old would interrupt me quite a bit to show me something, ask me to play, or insist I do this and that. That might just be my kid, though. He’s what I call a “mover and a goer” — never really sits still or stays with something for too long. Every kid is different! I just speak from my experience.

I did the membership for three months, but now that I’m pregnant and expecting another baby I have to take a step back on my blog. You’ve probably noticed the frequency of posts slowly dwindle as my due date gets closer and closer. That said, maybe once I have a more solid feel of life with two kids, I might return and re-up my membership. It’s really such an awesome place with lovely people. I REALLY would have loved to have gotten more involved, but it just isn’t the right time in my life at this very moment.

Use The Pod Works for your next Event!

Yup, and you don’t have to have a membership there. The front area would be a great place to host any event. For example, you can host a birthday party (you better believe that I have The Pod Works on my Birthday post!). Every year I host a cookie swap and I am seriously thinking I might book it here instead. It’s so much less hassle to have a party somewhere other than your home — think about it: less cleaning before and less cleaning after. Plus, it’s already so cute in there that you’d hardly have to decorate. You should consider it, friends! Here’s the page on The Pod Works site with more details.

Take a Tour

Let me leave you with a tour of the space hosted by me during my first visit to The Pod Works.